SIP Developer Suite

The award-winning SIP Developer Suite is a powerful and highly versatile set of tools to dramatically accelerate SIP application development. It includes a suite of stacks, SDKs, add-ons and testing tools. Each one enables developers to combine all the necessary components to create an ideal development environment for every application's specific needs. The SIP Developer Suite complies with IETF and 3GPP standards, and is IMS-compliant (3GPP/3GPP2, TISPAN and PacketCable 2.0). These high performance tools provide multiple API layers for full user control and flexibility.



The SIP Developer Suite is made up of "mix and match" components. This enables developers to create the exact environment needed for specific applications, while retaining a small footprint and boosting performance

High-level APIs

Hides IMS and SIP complexity to accelerate development time

Comprehensive solution

The SIP Developer Suite encompasses full IMS compliancy, SIMPLE OMA Standard Presence & Instant Messaging capabilities, STUN NAT Traversal and advanced testing tools

For Developers of:

SIP-enabled Firewall/NAT
SIP multimedia servers
3G cellular handsets
IP Phones, WiFi and WiMAX phones
Connected PDAs
Video Terminals
Soft phones
Voice/Video Messaging IAD
Session border controllers
UA/UE IMS terminals
Presence aware SIP Devices
Application servers
Access concentrators
Conference bridges
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Did you know

* Spirent’s SIP Developer Suite supports everything you need for developing IMS Compliant Presence and Instant Messaging devices
* The Spirent SIP Developer Suite is available for Google Android.

The SIP Developer Suite follows a modular architecture which enables easy mix and match of suite components to fit the product’s exact needs. 

The SIP Developer Suite includes:

SIP Stack

All the necessary SIP, SDP and RTP services, such as encoding, sending, parsing and receiving IP messages over UDP, TCP and TLS, managing SIP calls and transactions.

IMS Add-On

IMS SIP extensions to develop IMS-compliant SIP applications that are compliant with IETF and 3GPP and TISPAN IMS standards.

SigComp Add-On

Compresses SIP signaling, including support of LZSS and DEFLATE algorithms which are implemented with Dynamic and Static compression.

ICE NAT Traversal Stack

The Spirent ICE NAT Traversal Stack is a software development tool. It is compliant with the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) draft developed by the IETF's MMUSIC working group, comprising the latest NAT-related solutions available for SIP, RTSP, MEGACO/H.248, DIAMETER and others.

STUN NAT Traversal Stack

An IETF standards-based STUN (Simple Traversal Underneath NAT) NAT Traversal Stack is a complete NAT traversal solution for developers, comprising the latest NAT-related solutions available for SIP, RTSP, MEGACO/H.248, DIAMETER and others.

Presence & Instant Messaging Add-On

The SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (SIMPLE) add-on focuses on applying the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP, RFC 3261) to the suite of services collectively known as Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP).

XDM Stack

The XDM, XML Document Management Stack provides a standard method for user-specific service-related information to be accessible to the service enablers that need them. For example Push to talk over Cellular and Instant Messaging.
The XDM Stack is designed for building XDM Clients, as defined by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).

MSRP Stack

The MSRP Stack (Message Session Relay Protocol) is a software development tool designed for building MSRP enabled devices.
MSRP is a protocol enabling point to point messaging and file transfer and handles messages as media. It is also part of the SIMPLE OMA standard.

XML Schema Package

Includes service specific XML schemas, such as support for XCAP and PIDF.


SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) is an improved transport layer used for SIP signaling.

ProLab™ SIP Testing Solution

An IMS-ready set of powerful tools to facilitate testing and pre-deployment of SIP applications.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the industry dominant signaling protocol for real-time communication applications such as voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM). Based on ubiquitous and accepted Internet protocols such as SMTP and HTTP, SIP is text encoded and well suited for the Internet and other IP environments. SIP provides the mechanisms to implement a broad range of features including call control services, next-generation service creation, interoperability with existing telephony systems, and mobility.

Spirent’s SIP Developer Suite provides a complete solution for SIP/IMS developers.  The SIP Developer Suite contains a suite of Stacks, Add-Ons and testing tools including SIMPLE (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leverage Extensions) XDM (XML Document Management), MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol), STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT ), ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment), and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)  capabilities. The SIP Developer Suite complies with IETF and 3GPP latest standards, and is IMS-compliant (3GPP/3GPP2, TISPAN and PacketCable 2.0). These high performance tools provide multiple API layers for full user control and flexibility.

Coded in ANSI C and cross-platform compatible, the SIP Stack is available for all common operating systems.


All Spirent products and solutions address interoperability issues between disparate networks, protocols and devices. The Advanced RTP stack has been thoroughly tested for full interoperability with other clients and servers.

Common Core

The SIP Developer Suite is based on Spirent’s Common Core, an operating system abstraction layer specifically optimized for communication protocols and embedded platforms. This ensures easy portability of developed products between platforms and operating systems, including those not directly supported by Spirent.

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