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The move toward IMS is happening fast, and Spirent makes sure developers arrive at “destination IMS” on-time and ready. Spirent offers all the advanced building blocks for developing IMS-compliant products. Spirent’s IMS Express™ -the complete IMS Development Suite, includes all the necessary signaling and media protocols to easily and cost-effectively meet the IMS challenge.


The IMS Express provides a “future-proof solution” and a clear standard-based roadmap for IMS compliancy including 3GPP/3GPP2, LTE, VoLTE, TISPAN, PacketCable and WiMAX standards.

The IMS Express includes all the necessary components needed for developing IMS-compliant network elements:

IMS SIP Developer Suite

A powerful and highly versatile set of tools to facilitate development of IMS SIP applications while reducing development time and costs.

Advanced Service Framework

High level APIs that hide all standard complexities such SIP, XMPP or LDAP knowledge, and allows to develop fully interoperable, RCS compliant, Presence Based Services with ease.

IMS MEGACO/H.248 Toolkit

Designed for decomposed gateway architectures for developing Media Gateways or Media Gateway Controller applications.


An extensible messaging protocol enabling Authentication, Authorization and Accounting within and across IP multimedia networks that relies on secure and reliable transports.

IMS Advanced RTP/RTCP Toolkit

Addresses the requirements of sending media over IP networks in and efficient and advanced manner.

ProLab® IMS Test Solution

A testing solution for advanced signaling tests, media tests, voice and video quality, as well as simulating different network topologies.


Complete Solution Set for developers of all IMS segments:

IMS clients (UE)
IMS application servers
Media gateways and servers
Media gateway and server controllers
Policy decision functions
Border gateway functions

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