The PreVideo tool evaluates network readiness for real-time voice and video over IP. To accomplish this it uses its topology emulation capabilities, including interaction capabilities with various types of infrastructures.

Complying with the latest industry standards, the PreVideo tool enables monitoring of Service Level Agreement compliance (SLA compliance), network capacity, infrastructure, topology, and faults. Pre-Deployment and Pre-Call (Post Deployment) use of PreVideo ensures:
Problem prevention by proactive testing
Network readiness for voice and video over IP
High levels of Voice and video user experience and quality over network
On-going Endpoint Testing
Client/Server based PreVideo is part of the eVident Suite, which lets you setup and execute comprehensive automated test procedures for VoIP.

Its rich features, customizable scripts and canned media allow enterprise network administrators to simulate network/device behavior according to environment specifications.
PreVideo's user-friendly graphical interface allows you to observe real-time results during the running of a test and final results upon its completion, according to your preference. PreVideo agents are controlled via a single remote application manager that uploads test scripts to a remote endpoint simulation, controls test execution and collects and displays test results.

PreVideo allows Service Providers and Enterprise Network Administrators to perform proactive IP network testing, monitor the network infrastructure and analyze network problems, for quick correction of factors that can degrade VoIP audio and video.. When system faults occur, PreVideo sends pre-configured alarm notifications by email.
PreVideo is Client/Server-based and utilizes one or more SIP, TIP or H.323-based PreVideo Agents to perform testing, generate signaling and media traffic, and collect results. The agents are controlled from a PreVideo Manager that uploads test scripts to PreVideo Agents, controls test execution, and collects and displays test results. The PreVideo Manager's easy-to-use graphical interface displays voice and video quality metrics. 

Media emulations

PreVideo agents are capable of generating high rates of signaling and media traffic. Various PreVideo mechanisms test both signaling and media and offer options for receiving, viewing and saving results. PreVideo also generates statistical reports, graphs and alarm notifications. All PreVideo options can be configured and controlled from an intuitive graphical user interface application.
Supports multiple SIP, H.323 and TIP calls sessions, including media streams with voice and video
Provides codec support for
audio codecs G.711, G.722.1, G.729, G.723.1, G.728, AMR-WB, AMR-NB and AAC-LC
video codecs H.263, H.264, H.261, MPEG4
Verifies continued network support for VoIP audio and video activity by through actively testing various locations using a standalone scheduler.
By generating multiple audio and video calls simultaneously, Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Multi-Point to Multi-Point call emulations enable proactive testing of call quality for various types of calls under different call traffic circumstances.


PreVideo Key Features

The PreVideo Manager supports the PreVideo agents with:
H.323 , SIP and TIP traffic emulation
Pro-active testing
QoS Support
Network quality analysis
Network error prevention
Media quality analysis
Online and offline Monitoring

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