BEEHD for Personal Devices

A Complete Video Communications Client framework for Mobile Devices

BEEHD for Personal Devices is a complete video communications client framework solution, allowing service providers, application developers and device manufacturers to launch FaceTime-like services for their Android OS and iOS based devices.

The Android operating system architecture is a challenge for developers wanting to add V²oIP calling capabilities. Spirent’s BEEHD for Personal Devices solves this by providing a complete, pre-integrated solution that allows customers to focus on the GUI and high-level application, without any need for complicated integrations or VoIP know-how.

Key Highlights:

Shortest TTM (time-to-market): Complete client framework reduces development, integration and testing time required to deploy video communications clients.

Multi Platform: Mobile, tablet, PC and other Android or iOS based platform are supported.
Interoperability: Based on 18 years of market leadership in the V²oIP market, all application aspects are standard based and rigorously tested for interoperability.
Highest Quality of Experience: utilizes advanced algorithms (SVC, NetSense) assuring superb video quality even in harsh network conditions.

Target Markets

BEEHD for Personal Devices is used to add visual communication to any IP-enabled Android device, such as:
Mobile Handsets
Tablet PCs
Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)
Personal Media Players (PMPs)
Set-top Boxes

ODM/OEM and Device Manufacturers
System Integrators
Service Providers
Application Developers

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Spirent’s BEEHD for Personal devices provides a complete solution for different platforms using the Android and iOS operating system.

The BEEHD for Android solution is pre-integrated with Android’s open core framework and provides an optimized solution for Android based devices

The BEEHD for Personal Devices is designed for video telephony calls over Internet protocol (IP) networks, such as Internet and Intranet, and any physical interface such as UMTS, TD-SCDMA and Wi-Fi. The VoIP VT Android application is divided into several modules and add-ons.

BEEHD for Personal Devices modules:

Customer Customized MMI Layer – Provides a complete solution, allowing customers to focus on the graphical user interface and integration with the Telephony manager with no need to understand how VoIP video telephony works.   

JNI Wrapper for BEEHD Application Logic  – Provides the application layer with Java API’s for easy operating from the user interface. 

BEEHD for Personal Devices Run-Time Library – provides integrated solution into Linux runtime libraries and includes signaling and media components  

Spirent Signaling protocols  – The award-winning Spirent SIP Toolkit  and H.323 provides optimized signaling and add-ons for interoperability as well as easy call setup and best performance.

Codecs & Algorithms – The video and audio codecs provide the required media processing for both sending and receiving, and handle the required algorithms such as acoustic echo cancellation and VAD.

BEEHD for Personal Devices Technology Offering includes:

Complete Client Engine
multi protocol support (SIP, H.323)
media control and codecs
superior video and audio quality
out-of-the-box sample application

Integration with Hardware Platform
Provides optimized solution for given platforms using hardware accelerators and seamless integration with peripherals, such as cameras, display, speakers, microphones.

IM/Presence Service module
Standards-based instant messaging (IM) protocol (MSRP)
interoperability with other IM protocols
standards-based Presence protocol (SIMPLE, XDM)
service modules handle all Presence and IM application APIs

Low footprint

High maintainability and professional customer support

BEEHD for Personal Devices package includes:

Binary package of BEEHD for Personal Devices.
Complete source code sample application.
Full documentation, Programmer Guide and Reference Guide.
Version upgrades.
Professional customer support. 
Turnkey solutions.
Porting services (upon request).
Access to Spirent's Developers Community


The Spirent BEEHD is a complete VoLTE/RCS based video communications client, allowing service providers, application developers, and device manufacturers to launch customizable IMS compliant VoLTE/RCS services for Android, iOS, Windows, or MAC OS-based devices.
Adding IMS/VoLTE/RCS capabilities is a challenge to application developers, service providers, and device manufactures. The BEEHD solves this issue by providing a complete, multi-platform, pre-integrated, interoperable, solution that allows Service Provider and Device Manufacturers to focus on their unique service and application, with a cross platform, unified user experience, without the need for complicated integrations or VoIP know-how.
The BEEHD supports  the GSMA VoLTE specifications - IR.92 and IR.94  for Voice and Video Communication, SMS, and supplementary services.
It also supports the GSMA Rich Communication suite (RCS) that allows fully interoperable, carrier grade, roamable advanced communication services:

Enhanced Address book with Presence capabilities.
Multimedia sharing during a call (including images and Video share)
Messaging including conversational, 1-2-1 and group chat.


GSMA IR.92 & IR.94 specification support
IMS Registration, Authentication, and addressing
VoLTE Voice and Video call establishment and termination
IMS Preconditions
SMS over IMS
DTMF events
AMR WB & NB codecs
H.264 Video codecs
Call Hold
Call Waiting
Instant Messaging
Content Sharing

Technical Specifications

Signaling Protocols

Operating system
Android 2.3, 3.x, 4.x
iOS 5*, 6.*.


H.264/SVC (HW Codec integration)
Frame rate: up to 30fps
Resolution: CIF/VGA/SVGA/720p


Reed Solomon FEC (forward error correction)*
NetSense™ bandwidth estimation and adaptation technology*


Audio Framework including AGC, AEC, NS
Audio PLC
In-band DTMF (RFC 2833)


Security Agreement (RFC 3329)

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