ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution

Spirent’s ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution enables 3G testing and plays a critical and vital role in the product development cycle. With hundreds of built-in plug-and-play scripts, test case media files, full 3G-324M simulation testing, and online analysis, ProLab 3G-324M provides a complete testing platform for exhaustive, pre-deployment testing. ProLab 3G-324M is fully compliant with the latest industry standards.

3G-324M Calls Simulation

A feature-rich testing and validation solution, capable of simulating multiple calls using 3G-324M protocol and media. These include a wide range of call statistics such as calls setup time, calls per second, successful calls, failed calls, number of channel failures and more.

ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution Architecture

ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution - Spirent

ProLab 3G-324M - Spirent

ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution Features

For 3G handset developers and manufacturers, the ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution provides a complete unit and feature testing system for all types of DUTs, terminals, 3G handsets, mobile devices.

For 3G network equipment vendors, the ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution enables simulation of a vast range of real-world 3G network conditions and monitors performance of network components for gateways, video on demand, video mail, advanced multimedia advertising, and 3G-network validation.

For service providers, the ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution enables simulation hundreds of calls under real-world 3G network conditions and monitors performance of 3G Networks validation and media quality

ProLab 3G-324M Test Solution Add-ons

3G-324M Calls Interceptor

Provides troubleshooting, protocol and media analysis, and video telephony call monitoring capabilities using passive mode. These include tracing a call over a 3G-324M protocol and identifying the source of 3G-324M. Numerous calls can be analyzed simultaneously. 

Protocol & Media Analyzer

The Protocol & Media Analyzer module carries out advanced analysis and monitoring of all the media streams, including packet loss, jitter, Latency, bandwidth, and RTP Delay. This modules simulates multiple error network conditions, such as packet loss, duplicate packets, delay, and corrupted payload. Monitors the call signaling SIP, SDP and media quality

Voice Quality

Is measured by digitized voice lines. MOS is based on the subjective opinions of actual users rating the quality of the voice line on a scale from 1-5.  The model provides measurements based on packet loss, jitter, and round trip delay.

Video Quality

The new perceptual Video Quality measurement uses different video metrics. It intrusively analyzes received video streams and perceptually scores relevant degradations on a 5-point MOS scale. Additional key performance indicators (KPIs), like PSNR and blockiness, will be output to allow experts to make a more detailed analysis. Video Quality measurement can be used for IMS, SIP, H.323 and 3G-324M.

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